Working with Fairies

Magick, Spells, Potions & Recipes to Attract and See Them

Author:Anna Franklin
Subject:Mind, Body, Spirit
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-824-7
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.25 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $14.99

Fairies are mysterious and elusive creatures that inhabit an invisible realm—a
realm that exists alongside the merely physical world we live in, a place the old
Celts called the “Otherworld.” Theirs is a kingdom where it is always summer,
where the orchards bear fruit and flowers at the same time, and where death and
old age are unknown. For the lucky few, these creatures are occasionally seen
in the blink of an eye or on the edge of a dream, and their haunting voices heard
on the wind through the lonely valleys and forests – for those who have ears to
hear it.

As elusive as they are, there have been tales of humans who have spent
extended time with fairies—by walking inadvertently into the mist between two
stones or by stepping accidentally into a fairy ring—and who have been taught
by them to heal, make potions, and use spells.

Sadly, as we humans have moved away from our close connection to the earth,
we have also lost our link with the “wildfolk.” The stories of them that persisted
lost their awe-inspiring quality: in our feeble imaginations we have turned them
into the cute Tinkerbells of popular nursery tales.

But this is not a book about the imaginary creatures of storybooks: It is about
real fairies, potent and awe-inspiring beings of earth, air, fire and water, of plant,
stream, rock and place. Working With Fairies describes in detail the diverse
world of the fairy, from house spirits, nature spirits, elementals, and devas, to
personal fairy guardians and sweethearts. And it contains techniques to enable
you to contact the fairy realm or “Otherworld,” including:

•  When, where and how to see fairies
•  Attraction techniques.
•  Workings and Rituals to involve fairies
•  Dealing with the unwanted attentions of fairies
•  Guided meditations
•  Spells and potions to enable ‘the sight’

Anna Franklin is the author of The Illustrated Fairy Encyclopedia, The Fairy Ring,
Fairy Lore, and Watercolor Fairies. She is well-known to fairy fans and readers of
MBS books on both sides of the Atlantic. Her works have been translated into
eight languages. Anna lives in a village in the English Midlands.

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