Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis

Author:Bruce Goldberg
Subject:Mind, Body, Spirit
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-797-4
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Paper
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“By providing easy-to-follow techniques of self-hypnosis and guided meditation,
Dr. Bruce Goldberg makes the mechanism of contact with one's spirit guides
accessible to all who sincerely apply themselves. Dr. Goldberg has blessed his
readers with countless hours of inspiration and guidance. This is a book that will
bring comfort and joy to millions.”
—Brad Steiger, author of Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Contacting spirit guides is as old as civilization itself. Shamans dating back to at
least 50,000 B.C. ritualistically contacted nonphysical entities. The Mystery
Schools of Ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome, and India also dealt with
contacting spirit guides.

Every major religion acknowledges the reality of discarnate entities or spirits,
whether they are called saints, angels, the Holy Spirit, and so on. One of the
purposes of this book is to demystify this process.

The media’s depiction of spirit contact has led to the false assumption that
anyone who establishes this contact must be in great danger. In reality, this
communication is natural, relatively simple and a wonderful growth experience.
Spirit communication removes the fear of death and bereavement, and results in
a form of spiritual empowerment.

Contacting our spirit guides can help us:
1. Develop our intuition and other psychic abilities.
2. Increase our ability to love ourselves and others.
3. Become more aware of the workings of the universe.
4. Establish better contact with our own Masters and Guides and Higher Self to
     facilitate our own spiritual evolution.
5. Protect us from negative entities and/or other forces in the universe.
6. Access the wisdom of the ancients.
7. Establish and maintain our own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
8. Overcome bad habits and fears.
9. Eliminate the fear of death.
10. See into the future.
11. Master the art of out-of-body experiences.
12. Learn our true karmic purpose.

And as a bonus, Spirit Guide Contact Through Hypnosis includes free audio companion downloads!

Dr. Bruce Goldberg is a clinical hypnotherapist who wrote the international
best-seller Past Lives, Future Lives, as well as Self-Hypnosis, Dream Your
Problems Away, and Past Lives, Future Lives Revealed (all New Page Books),
Soul Healing, Astral Voyages, New Age Hypnosis, Time Travelers From Our
Future, and many others. He has appeared on a wide variety of major shows,
including Oprah, Regis, CBS News, CNN, Art Bell, and many others.

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