A Medicine Woman Speaks

An Exploration of Native American Spirituality

Author:Cinnamon Moon
Subject:Mind, Body, Spirit
ISBN-13: 978-1-56414-526-0
Pages: 224
Dimensions: 6 x 9 inches
Format: Paper
Price: $14.99

This warm, conversational, and practical exploration of Native American spiritual
philosophy presents the philosophy of shamanic spirituality at a foundational
level that can be applied to any spiritual path you may choose to walk. Up until
now, Medicine Women have remained relatively silent; there is great need for
knowledge about their teachings. A Medicine Woman Speaks answers that

Cinnamon Moon blends both feminine and masculine points of view as she
defines shamanism on a personal level and describes how the practice can
provide both immediate and long-term results. For new seekers, she offers a
foundational spiritual process that can help before beginning to walk any
spiritual path. The reader is shown how to find the shaman within by
reconnecting to Spirit. A basic understanding of the forces of nature and
evolution of the inner spirit are gained through states of altered consciousness,
entering realms of dimension, meeting spirit guides, and tapping the energies of
the universe.

A Medicine Woman Speaks is a conversationally styled work serving both the
beginning and seasoned student. In demonstrating how shamanism is
compatible with all religions, the individual is taught to find the shaman within and
reconnect with Great Mystery (the Creator) on a deeply personal level. In this
way the development of greater spiritual awareness leads to enlightenment
through working with the energies of the universe and other spiritual realms of

Covered in this text are areas of purification, readiness, creating sacred space,
working with totems, as well as the differences between the male and female
perspectives. Exercises help the individual understand this spiritual path and
why the shaman is said to walk between the worlds. By addressing the need to
focus on a foundation, you are led to discover your own inner strengths and a
heightened sense of consciousness. You will learn to look within the context of
this path as you uncover your own gifts and understand the forces of nature that
exist on all levels. While this book contains information for those who hold such
interests, it is also a tool for those who are searching for more.

Cinnamon Moon is a Medicine Woman and ordained ULC minister, with a
foundation in the teachings of the Plains Indians and eclectic studies of other
tribes. She has walked her path as a student, teacher, and spiritual counselor
for over 35 years. Her own philosophy is built upon integrity, intent, and
impeccability in living life while stressing the importance of tolerance, harmony,
and acceptance of all our relations. Visit her site to learn more 

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